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Recent Commercial Projects:

Our client found a new more desirable location for their retail home accessory business. The location was a newly constructed building with good pedestrian access, high ceilings and updated rest rooms. It offered more display and storage space than their previous location.

Many challenges were encountered. The client decided to move all existing displays into the new location including, molding, glass shelving, fireplace, shelving and columns with faux stone details.

Accent lighting, curtains, ceiling and floor treatment completed this attractive retail shop.




The facilities manager of this major high-volume automobile dealership desired some upgrades for his customer and personnel rest rooms.

The challenge was that they could not afford to have their only customer restrooms out of service during the business hours. We were able to complete most of the remodeling after hours over a period of 14 days to avoid disruption of normal operations. Careful planning, active management, and high communication with the various trades involved resulted in an attractive and functional upgrade and another satisfied client for Absolute Remodeling.


This project was undertaken under a grant from The City of Charlotte. The task was to upgrade the energy efficiency of the apartment complex while bringing their HVAC and electrical systems up to current code. We removed existing heating systems and installed new high efficiency heat pumps in 67 units of the complex. All units were repaired and had new 200 AMP panels installed. We also insulated the units and installed over 48,000 square feet of new roofing. Careful project management allowed us to turn over a leaseable unit to the client every 6 days throughout the project.

We have completed multiple projects for this client, including:

Replacing main building outdated and uninsulated large windows and doors that provide a view of the 18th green and access to the veranda. The windows were replaced with high efficiency insulated glass to enhance the comfort of the clubhouse.

In conjunction with the design team, installing an observation deck and upgraded awning at the outdoor courts of the tennis center within the existing budget.

Renovating the member restrooms in the main building.

Remodeling and upgrading a club owned adjacent private residence and converting it for use as a facility to accommodate VIP guests.





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